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We are Texas born and bred, and we love it! We wanted to share with you some of our favorite things about Texas:

The People:


There’s just something special about living in Texas! At STAR Home Comfort we are proud members of the community, and we are proud to serve our friends & neighbors with integrity and loyalty. Whether your water heater is leaking, or if you just want your drain cleaned, you but when you welcome us into your home, it makes us feel like family. Texas hospitality can’t be beat, and we are proud to call Texas our home!

The Weather:


Sure, our summers may be scorching hot, but our winters are just the right amount of cool. Some states get 2 seasons, but we’re lucky enough to enjoy 5: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Rain. Our thunderstorms may be mighty, but there’s nothing nicer than cozying up in bed as the rain falls outside. And there’s nothing prettier than a Texas sunset.

The Food:

We’re just gonna lay it out there: Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, can beat Texas BBQ. Memphis can take their wet ribs, and the Carolinas can have their vinegar sauce, but we prefer good ol’, fall off the bone Texas BBQ. Plus, Texas is home to some iconic food & drink including Dr. Pepper, Whataburger, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and Jalapeno Jelly. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

The Size:


They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Well…it is! The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is home to over 6.5 million Texans, making it the largest metropolitan area in Texas, AND in the south. In fact, DFW is larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined! We are proud to serve Dallas, Fort Worth, and everywhere in between.

The Great Outdoors:


The stars at night are big and bright! When you leave the city and head to the desert, you’ll see more stars than you ever thought possible. There’s a reason why NASA chose Houston for its spaceflight training! You can also take a trip to Big Bend National park, an oasis in the dessert home to hundreds of amazing plant & animals. The sunset at Big Bend is truly unforgettable.  And there’s nothing more gorgeous than a field of Blue Bonnets in the springtime!

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