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Expert Plumbing and HVAC Repair Services in Prosper, TX

TakingProsper Plumbers care of your home can seem complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. However, plumbing maintenance and repairs can be effortless with the right resources. Our team at Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning is the best resource you can have for trustworthy plumbing advice, reliable installations, and quick repairs. If you are looking for “plumbers near me” in the Prosper area, call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning today.

Clog Removal Services

All of the drains in your home are susceptible to clogs. During the course of many years of using your plumbing system, pipes can slowly collect coagulated grease, hair, and little bits of food. After a period of time, this can begin to affect how fast your sinks and tub drain after use, and they can eventually stop draining altogether.

Calling a local plumber for drain cleaning services is one of the best things you can do for your drains. While trying to fix a clog yourself may seem like a cheaper option, most products only solve the problem temporarily. When you call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning for clog removal services, your drains will be cleaner for longer.

Toilet Installation and Repair

A clogged or broken toilet is like a bad houseguest that no one wants to put up with for long. We understand how important it is for you to have your toilet repaired quickly. We don’t just care about fast repairs, however. Our plumbers also care about the quality of each toilet repair that we do. We want your toilet to continue working for many months after we work on it and we will do everything we can to get your toilet back in perfect working condition.

There are times when our plumbers may recommend a toilet replacement instead of a repair. If you are continually having to call a plumber for frequent clogs or other problems, it may benefit you financially to invest in a toilet that uses less water and will work for years before having a problem again.

Water Heater Services

Having hot water for daily showers and chores is an amazing modern convenience that many take for granted. When your water heater breaks down, it becomes immediately apparent how much you rely on these systems for everyday tasks. Our water heater repairs are guaranteed to get your system up and running again quickly so that you are not inconvenienced for long.

Rather than making our customers wait for hours, we schedule non-urgent service appointments within a two-hour window and we guarantee timeliness. Our goal is to be there the same day you call and to have your hot water working again before we leave.

Tankless Water Heaters

A traditional tank water system can suit many homes and families. However, you may be surprised to learn that there is another option that is more energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and that provides an endless supply of hot water. Our tankless water heater installation services are bringing new levels of comfort and convenience to many homes in the Prosper area.

Traditional systems store hot water in a large tank, ready for consumption. This water must be continually heated, whether it is being used or not, and once the hot water in the tank has been used, you have to wait for it to refill. Tankless water heaters only heat the water when it is needed, and you never run out of hot water, even when family members shower and wash dishes at the same time. Because of our unique installation process and large volume purchasing power, our tankless water heater prices are unbeatable.

Garbage Disposal Services

Having a garbage disposal installed in your home can make it much easier to complete your daily chores in the kitchen. However, garbage disposals can become jammed with stringy vegetables, clogged by too many leftovers, or damaged by non-food items. When any of these situations occur, you can trust our expert garbage disposal repair services.

Slab Leaks

Leaks are always dangerous for your home, but none more so than slab leaks. These are leaks that occur in pipes under your foundation. They can be difficult to detect, and they can negatively impact the integrity of your foundation. We use the best technology to find and repair slab leaks in the Prosper area. If you notice the excess moisture in your basement, lush spots in the yard, or damp spots on your carpet, call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning for fast slab leak repair services.

Sirius Comfort Care

We are proud to offer our Sirius Comfort Care Program to our Prosper customers. For just under $130, you can gain access to free tune-ups and inspections as well as discounts on plumbing repairs. Search for “plumbing repair near me” for more information about our products and services.

At Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing Prosper customers with the very best in plumbing service and repair. If you live in the area and are looking for a reliable company for your plumbing needs, call us today.

Whatever’s ailing your air conditioner, whether you’re in Plano, Dallas, or one of the ‘burbs, our 24/7 air conditioning service is here for you, and covered by our Sirius Guarantee.


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