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Sirius Plumbing & AC Takes Slab Leaks Seriously

By Blog, Slab Leak

A slab leak is a leak in the water pipes that run beneath the concrete slab foundation of a home. These leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor installation, corrosion, and shifting of the foundation.

To repair a slab leak, the first step is to locate the leak. Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning uses specialized equipment that can detect the location of the leak without damaging the slab. Once the leak is located, the damaged pipe section can be removed and replaced with a new pipe.

There are several methods for repairing a slab leak, including:

  1. Breaking through the slab: This involves breaking through the concrete slab to access the damaged pipe. This method is effective but can be costly and time-consuming.
  2. Epoxy pipe coating: This involves coating the inside of the damaged pipe with epoxy resin, which seals the leak and prevents further corrosion.
  3. Re-routing the pipe: This involves rerouting the water line around the damaged section of pipe, which can be a more cost-effective solution.

It’s important to hire a licensed plumber with experience in slab leak repair to ensure the repair is done correctly and safely. At Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning we employ fully licensed technicians to ensure your repair is done right.

If a slab leak goes untreated, it can lead to several serious problems, including:

  1. Water damage: A slab leak can cause water to seep into the building’s foundation, walls, and floors, leading to water damage, mold growth, and structural damage.
  2. Increased water bills: A slab leak can cause your water bill to increase significantly, as water is constantly flowing out of the damaged pipe.
  3. Decreased water pressure: If the water pressure in your home is low, it could be due to a slab leak, which can restrict the flow of water to your faucets, showers, and other water fixtures.
  4. Health hazards: A slab leak can cause mold growth, which can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.
  5. Foundation damage: If left untreated for a long time, a slab leak can cause the home’s foundation to shift and crack, which can lead to serious structural damage.

It’s important to hire a licensed plumber to do slab leak repair for several reasons:

  1. Knowledge and expertise: Our licensed plumbers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to accurately diagnose and repair slab leaks. At Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning our technicians have undergone extensive training and testing to become licensed, and are required to stay up-to-date with the latest plumbing techniques and technologies.
  2. Safety: Slab leak repair can be a dangerous job, especially if it involves breaking through the concrete slab. Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning has the proper tools and safety equipment to perform the repair safely, minimizing the risk of injury to themselves and others.
  3. Code compliance: Licensed plumbers are familiar with local plumbing codes and regulations, and will ensure that the repair is done in compliance with these codes. This is important not only for safety reasons, but also to avoid any legal or financial liabilities that could arise from non-compliance.
  4. Insurance coverage: Hiring a licensed plumber can protect you from liability in case of any accidents or damage that may occur during the repair. Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning has you covered. Our company and technicians are fully insured.
  5. Quality workmanship: Our technicians take pride in their work and strive to provide quality workmanship. They will ensure that the repair is done correctly and will stand behind their work with warranties and guarantees.

Overall, hiring a licensed plumber to do slab leak repair ensures that the job is done safely, correctly, and in compliance with local codes and regulations. It’s important to always hire a licensed professional for any plumbing work to ensure the safety and integrity of your building’s plumbing system.

Our promise to you is to be honest, committed and caring when it comes to you, your family and your home. To schedule your service call 972-235-6600. Or you can visit us online at At Sirius, our goal is to make lives better for our customers and team members every day. You can trust your home to Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning for work that is done right, guaranteed.

Benefits of Touchless Faucets in Your Home

5 Benefits of Touchless Faucets in Your Home

By Blog

Touchless faucets make it easier and cleaner to use the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom. Thanks to a built-in sensor, water begins to flow when you place an item under the spout and stops when you remove it. With touchless technology, you can enjoy more efficient, convenient sinks.

Here are five points to consider when you decide whether an automatic faucet installation is beneficial for your home or not.

1. Touchless Faucet Sink Installation Saves Water

Touchless faucets drastically reduce water usage when compared to a regular tap because they only operate when you need them to. When you turn the water on, your plumbing pumps out around two gallons of water every minute. As a result, a typical faucet flushes gallons of water down the drain while we wash our hands, clean the dishes, or brush our teeth.

A touchless faucet eliminates the problem of wasted water. Because air is combined with the water, hands-free faucets are engineered to have a considerably lower flow rate. You may get the impression that you’re using a larger amount of water, but you’re actually using less than you would with a regular faucet. Over time, you can see significant savings on your water bill.

2. Keeps Germs at Bay

When you’re considering a touchless faucet installation, think about your health. We learned the importance of germ avoidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Touchless faucets help keep germs at bay in public settings and when you return home.

Because you can’t wash your hands prior to using the sink, your faucet handles harbor bacteria, such as coliform bacteria, E. coli, and even staph. The handles of commonly used faucets in the home can host thousands of germs per square inch.

Automatic faucets are a vital addition to ensure the safety and health of your family and friends.

3. Simple to Use

The most appealing feature of a touchless faucet is how simple it is to use. All you need to do is place your hands in front of the sensor to start the water flow. It’s as simple as that. When you finish washing your hands or rinsing your toothbrush, the water turns off. Touch-free faucets are also easy for young children and seniors to use.

4. Easy to Clean

A touchless sink fixture also has the advantage of not getting as dirty as standard faucets. You don’t have to worry about germs and debris collecting on the surface because it doesn’t require touch. It makes all of the harmful germs much less of a concern for you!

5. Greater Convenience in the Kitchen

If you’re considering a new sink installation in your kitchen, a touchless faucet may be in your best interests. Preparing food in the kitchen is considerably easier with a touchless faucet. You won’t have to turn it on and off while cutting, chopping, and slicing vegetables and fruit that you want to rinse. When you’re working with raw meat, it eliminates the need to touch the handle with your dirty hands.

A sensor-equipped faucet can be a more accessible option than a traditional one because it eliminates the need for a handle. Individuals who have arthritis, hand injuries, or other concerns may find touchless faucets refreshingly simple to use.

This type of plumbing installation also means that the fixture and its components last longer. The knobs, levers, or handles of regular faucets get a lot of use. When you don’t have to use handles, there are fewer things that will need repair.

5. Touchless Faucets Are Safer

Taking care of family and guests is an essential part of being a homeowner. Hands-free sinks with fixed temperature settings prevent accidents that could result in burns.

Even though there aren’t visible handles like traditional sink faucets have, you still remain in control of the temperature settings. Whether you’re living with children, the elderly, or just want a safer method for washing your hands, a touchless faucet is a great choice!

Plumbing Repair and Faucet Installation

At Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we’re proud to help our neighbors in the Plano, TX area! Regardless of your plumbing needs, our experienced and trained specialists will expertly handle your request, whether it’s for a touchless faucet installation or an urgent plumbing repair.

Our friendly team will arrive on time, respect you and your home, give you a fair rate, and have your plumbing in good working order as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


What’s a Pilot Light? Is Mine Off?

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As a homeowner, you will have to learn a little bit about every feature of your house. This education includes learning about the pilot light on your water heater to ensure you can check it for simple issues.

Even though you’re not an expert in the operation of your water heater, a basic understanding will tell you when you need to call a Carrollton, TX, plumber for service.

What Is the Pilot Light?

If you’re unfamiliar with gas water heaters, you may not even know what a pilot light is or how it functions. While you might think it’s a small light bulb due to the confusing name, it’s actually a small flame that’s located just inside the bottom of the water heater.

It stays lit all of the time, and as you will learn, a pilot light that won’t stay lit requires professional plumbing repair services.

The pilot light is located close to the burner on the water heater. As sensors indicate a need to heat the water, gas is pushed through the burner. The pilot light is there to ignite the gas, allowing the burner to heat the water. Without the pilot light, you would need to ignite the burner with a match or cigarette lighter each time you wanted hot water.

How to Tell Your Pilot Light is Out

It’s usually pretty easy for a Carrollton, TX, homeowner to tell when their pilot light is out. The most obvious indication that the pilot light isn’t lit is that you can’t get hot water from your faucets or shower. An extinguished pilot light may not be the only problem, but this is usually the first thing you should check before calling a plumbing repair service.

When you approach your water heater, the first thing you should look for is the indicator for the gas control valve. The indicator light will change color when there’s a problem, and there will be a chart to show you what each color means. The color representing an extinguished pilot light should be on that chart.

The third way to verify that your pilot light is out is by doing a visual inspection. This inspection will require kneeling in front of the heater and pulling off the plate that covers the burner chamber. As you look into the chamber, you should see a small orange or blue flame. If it’s dark, you have verified that the pilot light has been extinguished.

What Causes Your Pilot Light to Extinguish?

There are several reasons that a pilot light may go out. Before you call for plumbing repair, it can help to know a little something about these causes. This knowledge will help you understand any issues your plumber needs to discuss with you after they inspect your water heater.


Even if you have the protective plate in place to protect the burner chamber, a draft can still blow out the pilot light. If this is the case, you may only need to reignite the flame.

Gas Pressure Changes

While this is a rare occurrence, a change in gas pressure in the line can create a lapse that will extinguish the flame. This occurrence is another cause that can be fixed simply by lighting the pilot light.

Bad Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a sensor that shuts off the flow of gas if it detects an extinguished pilot light. If the sensor is dirty or faulty, it may think the pilot light is out and cut off gas flow as a response. This cut-off causes the pilot light to go out as the flow of gas is interrupted. If your pilot light goes out multiple times, this may be the cause.

Poor Airflow

If you remember your high school chemistry classes, you know that combustible air is needed to maintain a fire. Poor airflow where your water heater is located may make it difficult to keep your pilot light lit.

This issue requires immediate plumbing repair to ensure the situation isn’t resulting in a buildup of carbon monoxide in your Carrollton, TX, home.

How Can a Plumbing Repair Service Help You Maintain Your Water Heater?

Anytime you experience a problem with your pilot light or the functioning of your water heater, you should call a Carrollton, TX, plumber. They can fix any problem you may be having with your pilot light and can also fix leaks in the unit, remove sediment in the bottom of the tank, and address gas flow problems.

Your plumber can also advise you when you should start budgeting for a new water heater. Depending on the quality of the heater and the size of the tank, a residential water heater can last from 6 to 13 years. If your water heater is 11 or 12 years old, you should already be planning for a replacement.

Your plumber can help you choose the best water heater for your situation, but there are a few things to consider.

Look for a water heater with the Energy Star logo to ensure you’re buying an energy-efficient model. You can also downgrade to a smaller water heater. If you’re single or your adult children have moved out, you may not need a larger unit that uses more fuel to operate.

Should You Shut Off Your Pilot Light?

Some Carrollton, TX, homeowners shut off their pilot light to conserve energy and water. While this won’t damage the weather heater, it can become an inconvenient process to reignite the pilot light each time you want hot water.

The best way to conserve is to lower the temperature setting on the water heater. This lowering will help you use less gas, and you probably won’t even notice the slight drop in water temperature. You will put less stress on your water heater, and that can help you extend its life.

When you do need service for your water heater or other plumbing components, contact Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning. We perform inspections, repairs, and new equipment installations to ensure all of your plumbing needs are met. Reach out to us today.

Top Ways to Improve Your Water Quality and Efficiency

6 Top Ways to Improve Your Water Quality and Efficiency

By Blog

Clean water is something everybody needs, but not everybody thinks about it on a day-to-day basis. Most people assume that their running water is clean and safe to use. Unfortunately, the quality of water in US homes has been declining.

Towns all over the country are suffering from water quality problems. Whether the cause is sewage leaks, oil spills, or other water pollution events, contaminated water is finding its way to more communities than ever. 

Homeowners in Carrollton, TX, may be seeking information on the best ways to improve water quality. Your home’s water greatly affects your quality of life – not to mention your water bill. Here are some tips on the top ways to improve your home’s water quality and efficiency.

  • Test Your Water Quality

Before you can enhance the water quality in your home, you first need to determine exactly what state your water is in. Testing your water will let you know if it contains any bacteria or contaminants that are potentially dangerous. 

Lead, pesticides, nitrogen, chlorine, and a host of other contaminants are seriously harmful to your health and need to be filtered out.

Some people purchase at-home solutions to test their water, but these do-it-yourself kits are often expensive and frequently hard to read. For the best results, you should consult with a professional. 

  • Keep Your Plumbing Properly Maintained

Long-term water quality and efficiency depend on your plumbing system. The best way to ensure there won’t be any lead in your water is to update your pipes. 

Old, unmaintained pipes and plumbing can deteriorate to the point of causing lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is not always immediately detectable. It can lead to grave health concerns, including severe kidney damage.

If you have an older home, you should make sure your home has been repiped. If it hasn’t, or if you’re not sure, now is the time to call a professional.

Attempting to work on your home’s plumbing yourself can open you up to the possibility of mistakes that are expensive to fix. The quality of your water is something that you should leave in the hands of an expert.

  • Make Sure Your Water Heater Is in Good Condition

Water heaters can hold a significant amount of bacteria. What many people don’t consider about their water heater is how frequently it is used. Harmful metal, bacteria, sediments, and other hazardous contaminants build up at an alarming rate. 

You should drain your water heater regularly to avoid sediment buildup. A professional plumber will do this during a routine maintenance visit.

Making sure your water heater is well-maintained throughout the years keeps you from having to call professionals for plumbing repair instead of simple plumbing maintenance.

  • Install a Comprehensive Water Filtration System

Everyone is aware of popular retail water filters that are easily attached to your sink and promise to cleanse your water of contaminants and heavy salts. While these easy-fix water filters are quick options for basic water filtering, something more full-scale is needed for complete water filtration in your home. 

There are numerous reasons to consider a water filtration system for your home, such as:

  • Longer lifetime for your plumbing
  • Saving money
  • Healthier and clearer skin
  • Better-tasting drinking water
  • Removing contaminants like nitrates, pesticides, and viruses
  • Cleaner dishes and clothes
  • Helping protect the environment

Before harsh water wears down your pipes and you need professional plumbing repairs, think about hiring professionals to install an efficient water filtration system. Not only will your drinking water and showers be dramatically improved, but your overall health will benefit too. 

  • Schedule Necessary Plumbing Repairs

A common mistake many homeowners make is letting much-needed plumbing repairs linger too long. This results in problems growing even more dire, which means they will be that much more expensive to fix. As soon as you notice an issue, contact expert plumbers for plumbing inspections and repairs.

Letting plumbing issues go unaddressed will exacerbate the problem and cause you an increasing amount of frustration and stress. Your plumbing will be more efficient, and your water quality will greatly improve when you fix problems right away.

  • Talk to the Professionals

There are plenty of steps you can take on your own, but the experience of licensed professionals will help you decide what will be the best next step for your home’s water quality and efficiency. 

Do-it-yourself solutions and attempts to patch-repair your plumbing issues typically result in a bigger mess than you had before. What’s worse, every day you have to wait for a plumber is a day that you will be inconvenienced. 

To save yourself time, frustration, and money, just call a professional before you do anything to your home’s plumbing system.

The Importance of Water Quality and Efficiency

Water quality is a growing concern of many homeowners, and understandably so. The outcome of consuming contaminated water will be critical health issues that are both costly and uncomfortable to go through. For many homeowners, their home’s water quality is a sneaky problem that appears suddenly and needs immediate attention.

Water efficiency directly affects the environment and your water or utility bill. When you have long-lasting plumbing issues, like leaks, for example, your water efficiency will take a direct hit. Keeping your eye on it will ensure you save money and don’t put too much wear and tear on your home’s plumbing system in a short amount of time.

Water Quality and Efficiency in Carrollton, TX

While most homeowners understand the seriousness of properly maintaining their home’s plumbing system, a surprising number of people aren’t conscious of their water quality.

The effects of poor water quality and efficiency aren’t always immediately observable. Sometimes, the symptoms of these issues aren’t visible for some time, which makes the problem even worse. 

Consulting with professional plumbers is the easiest, most cost-effective way to ensure your home’s water quality and efficiency are up to par. If you want your home to have the best water quality possible, contact Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Carrollton, TX, today!

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

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Spring is approaching us soon in Plano, TX, with warmer and longer days. While you might be looking forward to the sights of gorgeous Texas wildflowers, butterflies in gardens, and birds chirping, this is also the perfect time to take stock of your HVAC equipment.

Summers in the Lone Star State can be debilitatingly hot. Your air conditioning system will soon be working very hard around the clock to keep your indoor temperatures cool and comfortable.

The AC system also plays a significant role in maintaining air quality in your home. Checking the condition of your HVAC equipment can help you stay prepared for the hot days ahead.

Spring Is the Perfect Time for AC Maintenance in Plano, TX

As the temperatures are not very high yet, many homeowners put off prepping their air conditioners until summer. As the weather gets hotter, the demand for AC services increases, and you do not have to wait in a long line of customers looking for an appointment during peak season. Ideally, there is no better time than spring to take action and prepare your HVAC unit for the hot and humid days ahead.

Regular maintenance can be crucial whether your air conditioner is new or has been around for years. With proper care, you can confidently rely on your HVAC unit to keep you and your family safe and comfortable during extreme weather conditions.

Avoid Unexpected Surprises with an AC Tune-Up

It is never a pleasant experience to have your air conditioner break down suddenly, leaving you uncomfortable and miserable indoors. Unfortunately, homeowners spend a lot more on replacing and repairing their air conditioning systems during the peak summer season due to lack of maintenance.

When you schedule an HVAC tune-up, an experienced technician will thoroughly inspect your unit and detect any problem early on, saving you a lot of stress and money.

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

A seasonal air conditioner tune-up is the best preventive maintenance that you can do for your equipment. An air conditioner is expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. By taking care of it regularly, the unit can last longer and function more efficiently at an optimal level.

Save on Your Energy Bills

If you notice an unusual increase in your electricity bill, your HVAC unit might be suspect. A well-maintained system runs smoothly and consumes lower energy. However, when the air ducts are clogged or some parts are wearing off, there is immense stress on the system, thus leading to increased energy consumption.

Keep Your Warranty Active

Many companies require that you schedule an annual HVAC tune-up to keep your warranty current. Your claim can get rejected if you do not have proof of regular maintenance of your cooling or heating system.

Ensure that the Air in Your Home Is Clean and Safe

Did you know that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air? Your ventilation system plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the air you breathe.

Worn-out filters, clogged air ducts, and disrupted airflow can increase airborne particles, such as dust, mold, dirt, odors, and allergens. These contaminants can affect the health and well-being of you and your loved ones.

Your Air Conditioner Can Also Enhance Safety

HVAC systems can detect carbon monoxide levels in indoor air, and high levels of carbon monoxide can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. By maintaining your equipment, you create a safer environment for your family.

There’s No Better Time to Prep Your AC System

By enrolling in a maintenance plan for AC tune-up, you can be spared a lot of stress and take advantage of the fact that your air conditioner will be in perfect working condition. A trusted HVAC contractor in Plano, TX, can make sure there will be no surprises and sudden outages.

What Is Done During Spring Maintenance?

A professional technician will check the unit and catch any issues early on when you schedule AC maintenance. They’ll perform a thorough system evaluation to check for buildup, unusual sounds, and wear and tear. The entire unit will be inspected, including:

  • Thermostats
  • Fans
  • Air ducts
  • Level of refrigerant
  • Gas connections
  • Compressor amps and volts
  • The temperature of air coming in and going out
  • Condenser core
  • Potential leaks
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Primary and secondary drain lines
  • Filtration system
  • Connections or potential loose connections
  • Wear and tear
  • And much more

Having a sound maintenance plan in place can be like having insurance for your expensive HVAC equipment. It just might even save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning Provides Trusted AC Maintenance in Plano

We know how stressful it can be when your AC breaks down. And it’s not only stressful, but it’s unsafe, especially if you have an infant or an elderly loved one in your home. Repairs and replacements can be costly, and many times, they are altogether avoidable with an AC tune-up.

Take Advantage of Our Affordable Sirius Care Comfort Program

We care about your peace of mind at Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning. Our maintenance program is designed to offer you the complete range of care that your HVAC equipment deserves.

Our members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Annual spring AC tune-ups
  • Annual fall furnace checks
  • 10% discount on all air conditioning, heating, and plumbing repairs
  • Priority scheduling throughout the year
  • Hassle-free reminders to schedule servicing

Do not wait until summer crops up with the extreme heat and humidity in Plano, TX. Scheduling an HVAC tune-up during spring can undoubtedly take the load off so you can relax and enjoy the seasonal activities with your family.

Our technicians are highly trained, fully licensed, and insured. We have been serving the community for decades, from new installations to repair and maintenance.

Contact Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning today, and ask us about our maintenance services.

You Should Never Pour Hot Oil Down Your Sink Drain

You Should Never Pour Hot Oil Down Your Sink Drain, and Here’s Why

By Blog

You’ve just sauteed up a beautiful meal in Plano, TX, and all you can think about is sinking your teeth in. But there’s all this cooking oil left over, and you’re not sure what to do with it. Well, the sink is right there; it wouldn’t hurt to pour the leftover cooking oil down the drain, would it?

If you’re thinking about pouring oil down the drain: Stop right there! While it seems like the most convenient option at the time, it’s actually quite the opposite. Pouring cooking oil down your drain can cause a host of problems that will cost you time and money to fix.

In the end, you’ll wind up frantically searching for “plumbers near me” or “plumbing repair near me,” and you’ll have a big service bill to handle as well. Save yourself time, money, and hassle by disposing of your hot grease the right way the first time. 

What Happens When You Pour Hot Oil Down the Drain?

When you pour hot oil down your drain, it will flow out easily as a liquid. However, hot oil and grease don’t stay in liquid form. Instead, they solidify as they cool, and this is where the problem lies.

As the grease solidifies in your pipes, it will cause a blockage. If you only do it once, or if you only pour a small amount of oil down your drain, you may be blissfully unaware of how much damage it can cause.

However, if you pour enough oil or have older pipes, one time may be all it takes to wind up in an emergency plumbing situation that leaves you in desperate need of professional drain cleaning services.

You see, hot oil can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. As it makes its way through your pipes, this oil can solidify and cause a blockage. Even if you only pour down a little hot oil, it can still fuse with residue, hair, and food particles to create a massive blockage.

Eventually, this blockage will keep clean water from flowing, sending dirty water back up through your pipes. This could render your sink unusable until you call a professional for drain cleaning services.

Issues with one drain in your home can also cause other plumbing equipment to malfunction around your house. You may end up needing toilet repairs or garbage disposal repairs as well! 

Rather than wasting time searching for “plumbing repair near me” and shelling out money for repairs, it’s best to just avoid pouring any oil down your drain in the first place. 

Further Consequences of Pouring Hot Oil Down the Drain

Not only will hot oil cause damage to your home’s plumbing system, but it can have a detrimental effect on the community water supply as well. Sometimes hot oil doesn’t build up directly in your pipes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause problems elsewhere. 


Improperly-disposed grease and oil can also flow into the sewers, and that’s where it becomes a problem for everyone in the area. Over time, all this unused grease and oil combine together in the water supply. The grease formations naturally break down into fatty acids and glycerol and then combine with calcium in the sewers.

As these materials combine, they become what’s known as “fatbergs,” or soap-like compounds. As the sewer levels rise, the existing fatbergs attach to sewer ceilings and grow in size.

As they get bigger and bigger, fatbergs will start to block the entire sewer pipe. This affects the entire community, and it’s a common problem all over the world. To help take care of your local water supply, it’s imperative to never pour hot oil or grease down your drain. 

How to Properly Dispose of Hot Oil

Luckily, it’s very easy to dispose of your hot oil the right way. It may take a little more time than pouring it directly down the drain, but you’ll be doing your part to keep your community clean, and you’ll also avoid a high plumbing bill in the process.

Here’s how to take care of leftover oil:

Reuse It

First, remember that you can reuse cooking oil if you’re so inclined. Used cooking oil can be ideal for fried foods or for adding flavor to other meals. To store your used cooking oil, wait until it’s cooled a bit but is still in liquid form.

Then, strain it through several layers of cheesecloth or a coffee filter to remove any bits of food. Finally, place it in an airtight container and store it in a dark place until you’re ready to use it. You should only use it once or twice more before disposing of it completely. 

Throw It Away

If you want to get rid of your oil completely, just wait until it’s cooled but still in liquid form. Then, you can pour it into a non-recyclable container and throw it directly into the garbage. Old milk containers make the perfect container for your used oil.

You can also place your hot oil in the refrigerator and let it harden completely. Once it’s hard, it’s fine to just throw the whole lump of hardened oil into the garbage. A really easy way to do this is to place your pan or whatever you were using to cook directly in the refrigerator when you’re done until it’s cooled down enough.

Once the oil has hardened inside the pan, just scoop it out with a spoon into your garbage. Washing your pan afterward will be a little tricky, so wipe it with a paper towel first to remove all of the remaining grease before you wash it in the sink. 

Call Plumbers Near Me in Plano, Texas

If you’ve poured hot oil down your drain, call the trusted team of professionals at Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning.

We offer expert drain cleaning services to remove your blockage and keep your water running smoothly. We also offer a full range of plumbing services, including toilet repair and garbage disposal repair, so if any of your appliances have been affected, we will get them back in working order. 

Rely on your experts in Plano, TX, and call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning for all of your plumbing needs.

3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills in Carrollton

By Blog

If you live in Carrollton, you need to use a lot of energy to stay comfortable. The summers are muggy, and the winters are frigid. It’s likely you rely on your appliances all year round to keep things easy. But do that long enough, and your utility bill will inevitably skyrocket.

So you may be asking yourself, what can I do to cut the amount of energy I use in my household? Is it possible to remain energy efficient without making unnecessary sacrifices? And what plumber near me is capable of handling the services I need?

At Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we aim to provide answers to questions like these. And for our friends in the Carrollton area, we can make sure your household is efficient, environmentally sound, and easy to live in.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Smart thermostats are becoming a staple in modern homes. They connect to your phone and allow you to adjust the temperature from anywhere. These thermostats learn your daily schedule and adjust to fit your preferences. They can even change based on the weather.

Programmable thermostats aren’t a new science. For a long time, however, they were incredibly unintuitive. A 2010 survey showed that 89% of respondents rarely or never used their programmable thermostat to set a daily program. But with smart thermostats, they program themselves for you.

A smart thermostat will know when no one is home. Because of that, they won’t be wasting energy on an empty space. They’ll also provide regular energy reports to give a record of how much power you’re using. This will give you a chance to improve your eco-consciousness while lowering your power bill in the process.

It’s an easy process to install a smart thermostat in most homes. You can also apply to get a rebate towards the cost of installation or even a free model depending on your electric provider. Once it’s set up, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to learn.

Switch to Energy Star 

Let’s talk about power.

According to statistics, heating and cooling appliances take a little less than half of your monthly electricity. Washers and dryers take around 13-14%, and lighting takes 12%. The rest goes to smaller appliances like the fridge, oven, or dishwasher.

Some of these appliances are things that you can’t really help but use. But if these appliances are out of date, they may be taking up more power than they deserve. If your appliance is draining your energy usage, you might want to make the switch to an Energy Star model.

If you’ve shopped for appliances, you may have seen a baby-blue sticker on the side of certain units. This is an Energy Star certification. That sticker signifies that the product has passed the standards set by the US organizations like the Department of Energy. It’s their way of saying that the product in question takes up less energy to work just, as well—if not better.

Why Get Energy Star?

When you buy an Energy Star product, you know you’re buying something of value. These appliances will save 10-50% of the energy used already—even more if you’re upgrading from an older model. This will give a substantial cut to your utility bill and allow the unit to pay for itself over a short amount of time.

Energy-Star-approved products come in a variety of brands that you might already know. There’s Samsung and GE, and also Hotpoint, Blomberg, and Beko. And that’s only a fraction of tested products on the market. It’s likely there’s a brand that’ll fit your household, regardless of your budget. Because of that, it’s easy to make the switch to a cleaner and more efficient home today.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance 

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance. Whether it’s an AC tune-up or furnace inspection, an annual check-in will keep your unit running the best it can. If your energy bill has suddenly gone up for seemingly no reason, this could be a sign that your unit needs work done.

Seeking AC Repair

Since we’re starting another summer, we’ll focus on the AC. Higher energy bills are just one possible sign of needing AC repair. You should also call us if you experience:

  • Warm air coming from the vents
  • Unpleasant sounds or odors
  • Increased humidity
  • Problems with the thermostat

We can send one of our skilled technicians to run an AC tune-up on your system. Through this diagnostic, we can determine the source of any potential problems. From that point, we’ll decide what work needs to be done to keep them functioning properly.

A furnace or AC repair from Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning will make sure that your unit is running safely. It’ll also extend their lifespan and make sure you have warranty coverage over your system if you need it. But what we like best is that a unit repair can save you up to 15% on utility bills. That’s a lot of benefits from one appointment!

Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning: The Best Plumbing and HVAC in Carrollton

Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning works to make a family out of every household in Carrollton. We’re locally owned with community values in mind, and we bring those ethics into every job we do.

When you work through us, you get the full benefit of the standards we hold ourselves to. This means a complete money-back guarantee for all services, allowing you to invest in your home without risk. And if your replacement or repair fails within three months of our work, we’ll come back and repair it for free. And we offer more security than that. 

Sirius Home Comfort Care Program

If you want regular AC repair for your household, you should consider enrolling in our special Sirius Home Comfort Care Program. For a fee of $129 a year, you become a VIP member even in our busiest times. We provide two complimentary furnace and AC tune-up appointments during the appropriate season. And all year round, we’ll take 10% off of all our services.

We want you to take advantage of the many benefits a more efficient home can give you. So if you’d like to learn more about how we can make your household run better, contact us today!