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When you’re looking for fun ways to cool down this summer, head no further than your own kitchen! We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes for tasty summer treats that will keep you cool as a cucumber all summer long:

1. Popsicles

Popsicles are the quintessential summer food, and they’re also super easy to make! We love this recipe for Summer Berry & Mint Popsicles from The Year in Food. Berries just scream ‘summer’, especially in frozen form!

2. Guiltess Banana Ice Cream

We certainly LOVE Ice Cream, but sometimes a big bowl of ice cream just isn’t the healthiest choice. Luckily we’ve discovered a recipe for sweet, creamy ‘ice cream’ that’s made from frozen bananas! Head over to Skinnytaste for a recipe for this unique summery treat!

3. Crisp Salad

Salads sometimes get a bad rap, but we think that a great salad can be flavorful, unique, and super tasty! Summertime is a great season for salads because of all the fresh veggies you can find. Try to visit your nearest farmer’s market to whip up this summery Tomato, Cucumber and Feta Salad from the blog ‘And They Cooked Happily Ever After‘.

4. Gazpacho


Gazpacho is actually a cold soup made from a variety of vegetables blended together. We think the best part of Gazpacho is that it’s so fun to say! Plus, it’s the perfect way to get a full serving of veggies is a cool, shippable form. Who knew that cold soup could actually be this tasty! We turn to The Pioneer Woman for a tasty twist on Gazpacho.

5. Fun Drinks


Nothing says ‘summer’ like a fruity sangria! It’s cool, refreshing, and filled with tons of delicious fruity goodness. We especially like this recipe from The Kitchn for a non-alcoholic sangria! The kids will love enjoying the fruit in their drinks, and parents are sure to enjoy it as well.

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