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Where Do Gas Leaks Come From?

Where Do Gas Leaks Come From

Natural gas is one of the most common sources of energy in the country. It is used every day to heat homes and buildings, cook, and even fuel power plants. While it is a reliable source of energy, it can also be hazardous. Natural gas is flammable and can also displace oxygen, creating a risk of oxygen deprivation for those around it.

Gas is generally considered to be a safe energy source, but it can quickly become dangerous when there is a gas leak. Most leaks occur at utility pipelines, but leaks occasionally happen in residential areas, including in-home leaks.

The best thing you can do to keep your home safe from in-home leaks is to maintain your gas-powered appliances well and call for repairs right away. If you are near Frisco, TX, Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning should be your go-to service provider. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or furnace replacement, if you are searching “furnace repair near me,” look no further.

What Causes a Gas Leak

Gas leaks can happen any time, anywhere, any season. It is important to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings to take action in the event of a leak. The most common gas leak causes are corrosion, poor piping, and human error.


Gas is responsible for powering high-use appliances, like stoves and HVAC units. Over time, parts naturally wear out and corrode. Sometimes, appliance seals wear away and can allow gas to escape. This usually happens slowly over time but worsens, so a tiny leak can eventually become a big one.

The best way to avoid a gas leak due to corrosion is to inspect your appliances regularly. Scheduling a yearly furnace tune-up or air conditioning tune-up will ensure that any leaks or potential leaks are caught early on.

Faulty Piping

The piping in your home is a complicated maze of pipes that is responsible for carrying gas and liquids from one place to another. Even the best quality pipes can erode due to natural wear and tear. In some cases, the pipes can even become disconnected, allowing gas to escape into your home.

Unfortunately, not every home is built with quality piping work. Sometimes builders cut corners and install pipes incorrectly. Pipes installed improperly can experience premature wear and tear or just come apart over time.

If you notice your gas furnace or AC system isn’t working properly, it could be an issue with the piping. If you are in the Frisco, TX, area, call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning right away for furnace or AC repair. We can detect if there is a leak and fix it right away.

Human Error

Gas leaks are not always the results of wear and tear or appliance-related issues. Another common cause of gas leaks is human error. Humans cause gas leaks when they dig into the ground and accidentally hit a gas line. This is why you’ve probably seen the signs that say “call before you dig.”

Gas leaks can also be caused by work on appliances. When you schedule an air conditioning repair or furnace replacement, the technician will have to contact your gas lines. Accidents occasionally happen, and the line or pipe can become compromised, causing a leak.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Recognizing the signs of a gas leak can avoid damage to your home and get you and your family out of a potentially dangerous situation. 


The most common way that gas leaks are detected is the smell. If you smell gas in your home, call a professional immediately. 

Whistling Sound Coming from Gas Lines

You won’t always smell gas in the event of a leak. Another tell-tale sign is a whistling sound coming from a gas pipe or gas line. Whistling is almost always the sound of gas escaping the line, indicating a leak.

This is why you should always pay attention to the sounds that your appliances make. Furnaces and air conditioners are easy to check on, but one appliance that people often forget about is their gas-powered water heater. If you notice a whistling noise near your water heater, call for water heater repairs right away.

Elevated Gas Bill

If you don’t see or smell the sign of a gas leak, another indication is a higher-than-normal gas bill. Unless you are hosting guests, out of town, or breaking some other way from your normal routine, your gas bill should stay relatively consistent all season.

If you notice that suddenly there’s been a jump in your bill, you should first call your utility company. If the utility company indicates that everything is normal, you should consider calling a professional to check for a gas leak. 

How to Prevent a Gas Leak

While gas leaks are not 100% avoidable, you can lessen the chances of one occurring in your home. The best and most effective thing you can do is schedule regular maintenance for all of your gas-powered appliances. This includes furnaces, AC units, and water heaters.

Maintenance appointments are affordable and have other benefits aside from detecting gas leaks. Appliance tune-ups will detect other underlying issues and make your appliance run more efficiently, ultimately saving you money.

Don’t wait for a gas leak to happen that could put you or your family at risk. Call Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning for a tune-up today.

Choose Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning has over two decades of experience in the industry. We proudly serve the Frisco, TX, area, and we’ve prioritized customer satisfaction since day one. In addition to maintenance and repair services, we also provide installation services, including air conditioning installation, tankless water heater installation, and more.

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