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10 Quick Tips to Save Energy in the Summer:

Summer is halfway over, but sometimes it feels like the heat will never end. The summer in Texas can be pretty rough, especially on your energy bill! Here are 10 quick tips to keep your home nice and cool while still keeping energy costs low:

1. Did you know that your clothes dryer expels lots of heat? Try hanging some clothes outside on the clothesline for a bit of nostalgia. Plus, your clothes will get that nice fresh scent!


2. A full fridge uses less energy, so keep your fridge filled with yummy summer treats (link) while saving energy at the same time!

3. Head to the grill – your oven can heat up your kitchen fast, so fire up the grill instead! Plus we know that Texans make the best BBQ.

4. Lose your curtains during the day to keep out the harsh sunlight.

5. Hairdryers and straighteners don’t just heat up your hair, they heat up the entire bathroom! Try letting your dry naturally to avoid such a high level of heat.

6. Head out and about! In the afternoons when the heat is at its peak, head the mall or the movies. You’ll avoid having to use your own A/C during the hottest part of the day.

7. When you do need to use the oven, try cooking or baking in the early morning when temps are lower. You’ll avoid heating your home too quickly and there’s nothing quite like the smell of cookies…in the morning!


8. When you’re running your A/C, be sure to keep your closet doors closed. This way, you’ll only cool the rooms you need to use!

9. If you don’t have trees near your windows, you can still get some foliage to help cool your home. Hang a nice plant by your windows to help keep the sunlight out.

10. Here’s a quick tip: turn your fans to flow counter-clockwise in the summer. This will push the cool air down and keep your home nice and cool.