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3 Quick Tips for Bathroom Decorating

The bathroom is the most forgotten room in the house, even if it gets the most use! Here are some quick tips for sprucing up your bathroom that your whole family will enjoy. Another great benefit of a bathroom makeover is that it can help to increase the resale value on your home! A high quality bathroom makeover can return as much as 60-75% of it’s original cost.

  1. Add an Accent Wall

striped bathroom wall

Plain white bathroom walls can be drab and dreary. Spice it up a little with a pretty accent wall! We love the addition of stripes to this otherwise simple bathroom:


2. Find Cute (& Functional) Accessories

All bathrooms require some standard accessories: A soap holder or dispenser, hand towel holder, toilet paper holder,  trash can etc. You can jazz up your space with some cute & functional accessories that fit your style and your budget!

whisky dispenser


This Jack Daniels soap dispenser is perfect for a whisky lover!



3. Install Artwork

Your bathroom is a place to relax and enjoy, so install some stylish artwork for an even nicer soak in the tub. Be sure to select pieces that can withstand the heat & humidity of a bathroom.

We love this picture collage! Pick a theme and hang photos in various shapes for a shabby-chic look.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.15.31 PM

Mirrors are a pretty & functional way to add art to your bathroom.

Find a pretty mirror and use it as an accent piece to brighten up any bathroom.



These cute posters are perfect to remind your little ones to keep their hands & teeth clean!



So there you have it! Three easy ways to decorate your bathroom. And remember, if you ever have plumbing troubles don’t hesitate to contact STAR Home Comfort for all your plumbing, cooling & heating needs! And don’t forget that STAR Home Comfort is available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies.

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