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Common Myths About Plumbing in Plano

Myths About Plumbing

Plumbing is one area of home maintenance where people are quick to try their solutions instead of calling in professionals. Some home remedies have merit to them, but many are based on myths and misconceptions.

Don’t throw sound judgment down the drain. Let Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning dispel the most common myths about plumbing for you so that you can make the right decision the first time.

“Flushable” Wipes

Some homeowners see their toilets as a handy way to dispose of just about anything. That is a big mistake, and we’re sure that many readers have already learned this the hard way. Many items have no business going down the toilet.

Baby wipes are one such item. These wipes do not break down like toilet paper, so they can cause major clogs and blockages if flushed. Anything vaguely similar to these products—such as make-up removal wipes and wet wipes—shouldn’t go down the pipes, either. Even wipes advertised as flushable can create disastrous clogs and other issues once they reach municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

Faucet Drips Are Nothing to Worry About

Many people think it’s best to learn to live with leaky faucets. They don’t consider it a big deal and assume repairs are more trouble than they’re worth. In reality, leaky faucets are a primary source of wasted water across the entire country.

Not only do leaky faucets contribute to water shortages, but they’re also bad for your fixture. Leaving leaks unfixed can damage your equipment over time, and the constant dripping and depositing of minerals can leave unsightly marks in your sink bowl.

Tightening Faucets Can Fix Any Leaks

The average person’s response to a leaky faucet is to turn the tap as far as to the right as it can go. Some homeowners even take a wrench to it, almost always damaging the tap beyond repair. Leaky taps aren’t a major undertaking like slab leak repair, so bigger tools won’t help.

People do everything they can to avoid what they consider a drastic response—googling “plumbers near me” and calling in the professionals. However, tightening any plumbing fixture too much will strip threads and make leaks worse, possibly damaging more parts in the process. After that, you’ll definitely need to call for help.

Emergency Water Heater Repairs for Any Bump or Clank

Water heaters contain a lot of hot water, leading many homeowners to become overly fearful of explosions. They hear strange sounds and assume the worst-case scenario is about to happen. There’s no particular need to worry when you hear the following:

  • Popping
  • Rumbling
  • Clunking
  • Ticking
  • Knocking

These sounds are typically just air bubbles escaping from sediment on the bottom of the tank. Simple annual flushing of your unit will prevent these noises, which are a symptom of a relatively minor problem. You could also consider a tankless water heater installation, which can have numerous benefits. Still, concern over exploding tanks shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Boiling Water to Break Up Stubborn Clogs

Boiling water has been a drain cleaning method for centuries, but it doesn’t really have a solid basis. It works under the same principle as chemical drain cleaning agents—that they should soften and break up any clogs.

However, boiling water rarely does the trick. If a clog isn’t dissolvable in water, the temperature of the water won’t make a difference. And that’s essentially the end of this myth! Time to bring in a professional for drain snaking.

The Safety of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Drano and other liquid drain cleaners are often the go-to solutions for major clogs. However, homeowners are likely doing more harm than good since these chemicals can be just as harsh on your plumbing as they are on clogs.

That fact is especially true for toilets, where chemicals can eventually damage and crack the porcelain. As a result, you’re going to need a toilet replacement, not a toilet repair. The substances can eventually corrode both metal and PVC plumbing over time, as well.

Ice Cubes for Garbage Disposal Repair

This is one of the strangest plumbing myths because it doesn’t seem to have any grounds in logic or common sense. Most other myths at least seem plausible, but why would ice ever sharpen steel blades? There’s no question that ice cubes will dull your blades, not hone them.

Ice is harder than most things you put down your garbage disposal; therefore, it will damage your equipment more than regular food waste. Sharpening or replacing blades are simple garbage disposal repairs that any professional can handle. Using ice is just a waste of your time and may have you sinking more money into your disposal in the end.

Running Water Helps Maintain Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are versatile tools for disposing of food waste. People often think that they can get better performance out of their equipment by running water whenever they use it. However, doing this merely wastes water and for no noticeable benefit.

You might think that running water would help sweep food along or push big chunks through the drain. The truth is that the water running doesn’t provide much pressure or current to help food along. The water from your tap certainly doesn’t carry enough force to dislodge jammed chunks of food.

Lemon Peels for Managing Garbage Disposal Smells

One of the most common complaints about garbage disposals is foul odors. When chunks or juices from food waste are left behind, they can give off unpleasant smells. One of the traditional methods for handling these smells is sending lemon peels into the disposal.

Lemos may smell nice, but they’re not good for your garbage disposal blades. The rinds are highly acidic and will corrode both your disposal blades and your plumbing. The real solution to a stinky garbage disposal is using a mixture of white vinegar with baking soda.

Leaving Plumbing Work to Amateurs

Plenty of people try fixing their own plumbing issues, leading to disaster most of the time. Even those who know better often go with unlicensed tradespeople instead of tracking down an actually certified plumber for the job.

Plumbing is a trade that requires expertise and knowledge. When you go with an amateur, you’re risking significant damage not just to your equipment but to your entire home. These workers are often uninsured as well, meaning you’ll be in real trouble if something goes wrong.

Reliable Plumbers Near Me with Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning provide the residents of Plano and the surrounding areas with reliable plumbing repairs and installations. From clogged drains to tankless water heater installations, we handle it all. Contact us today to choose professional and licensed plumbers you can trust.

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