Fun Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat!

By August 6, 2014April 30th, 2019Plumbing and Air Conditioning Dallas TX

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Texas, and it’s best to keep the kiddos indoors! But sitting tight while the sun shines outside is tough for little ones. We’ve rounded up a list of fun & inexpensive indoor activities to entertain your kids on the hottest of days. So stay safe, stay cool, and enjoy these fun indoor activities!


Have an indoor picnic:

Spread out a blanket in the living room and pack a picnic basket. Kids will love this dining adventure, and the only critters you need to worry about is the family dog!


hopscotchHave a blast with indoor hop scotch:

The Weekly Bite enjoyed a day of fun with her little girls by using blue painters tape to create a fun (and easy to clean) indoor hop scotch game at home.

Play a game:

From color walking to crab-crawling, Parenting.Com has a list of ‘18 Fun Active Indoor Activities‘ for kids of all ages to enjoy indoors. The best part? Your child will enjoy some indoor exercise, but it all just feels like games!



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