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Should I Replace My 20-Year-Old Furnace?

Replacing Old Furnace

The typical furnace can last decades before needing replacement, and the better condition it’s in, the longer you can safely use it. However, once it reaches the 20-year mark, you may start to be concerned about whether it will last another winter. 

Furnaces 20 years old or older become increasingly inefficient over time and can crack and leak, putting you and your family in danger. If your furnace is between 16 and 20 years old and constantly breaking down, then you should strongly consider having it replaced. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through why you should consider replacing your 20-year-old furnace and how to do so. Read on to learn more.

Why Consider Replacing Your 20-Year-Old Furnace?

A furnace is a heating appliance that uses hot air rather than heated water to warm your home. The most common types are electric, propane, oil, and natural gas. Like any appliance, when a furnace ages, it will sustain more wear and tear and require repair more often. 

The general life expectancy for a furnace is between 16 and 20 years. When it reaches this age, there’s a high chance that it will become less and less efficient and eventually stop working altogether. 

Before this happens, we recommend having it replaced by a reputable HVAC company. A few reasons why you should replace your 20-year-old furnace include: 

Avoiding Unexpected Costs

The older your furnace is, the higher the likelihood of it breaking down. To avoid the cost of repairs or furnace replacement when you least expect it, you should be proactive and consider replacing it as soon as possible. 

While dealing with a broken furnace in the middle of a cold winter night in Frisco is not the best time to make sound decisions about your heating needs. By being proactive, you can take your time to make the best choices for your home, saving you time and money in the long run.

Increasing Indoor Air Quality 

Old furnaces have a much harder time filtering the air in your home. This difficulty can cause them to collect and circulate contaminants throughout the house, polluting the air in the process. 

Malfunctioning furnaces can also increase the moisture content in the air and provide the perfect conditions for mold to grow. These air pollutants drastically reduce your home’s air quality, aggravating existing medical issues and reducing your quality of life.

When you switch out your old furnace for a new one, you’ll immediately feel the effects of the cleaner air. 

Saving on Monthly Energy Bills

The fact is older furnaces do not perform nearly as well as newer ones. When your furnace has reached the 20-year mark, it will begin to use much more energy to deliver the same amount of heat in your home. 

As a result, your energy bills will skyrocket, even though you haven’t changed the thermostat setting. Investing in a new furnace will decrease your energy bills by increasing your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Older furnaces can develop cracks in the heat exchanger. When this happens, you run the risk of having a carbon monoxide leak into your home. Since carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, it can go undetected, posing potentially fatal hazards to your family. 

Keeping an old furnace around is never worth risking your or your family’s health. A Frisco HVAC company can help you safely replace your old furnace.

How to Replace Your Old Furnace

When you’re ready to trade in your old furnace for a new, more improved model, you should partner with an experienced HVAC company. Not only is installing a new furnace a complicated task, but it can also be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

An experienced HVAC company can offer you comprehensive furnace repair and replacement services. Furnace replacement involves:

  • Carefully removing the old appliance 
  • Discarding the old parts
  • Installing a new furnace  

When you hire an HVAC company for your replacement, you can get much-needed help locating the best options for your home. You’ll get access to individuals who are experienced in heating and cooling to help you make informed decisions about your heating needs. 

Furnace Services in Frisco, Texas

At Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we have decades of experience offering unbeatable HVAC services to communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. 

Our Frisco clients trust us because we don’t compromise on the quality of our work. You can expect high-quality gas furnace replacement and oil furnace replacement services, on-time work, and friendly staff when you hire us. 

We’ll make your furnace installation a breeze by talking over the process and ensuring that you’re in the know every step of the way. Kick your old furnace to the curb and schedule a new installation today.