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tankless water heater dallas tx

Tankless waterless systems, three myths debunked and three reasons to love them.

While tankless water heaters may be all the rage amongst the home improvement projects, they may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

How do you know if it’s a worthy investment or just very, very good marketing on the part of manufacturers?

In the spirit of full disclosure, we are a fan of tankless systems. We’ll tell you why, but first let’s debunk some of the myths that are pushing these tiny wonders to the forefront of the market.

Myth 1: You’re gonna save a ton on your utility bills. The small monthly savings that you’ll notice on your utility bill will hardly be noticeable.

Myth 2: You’ll have instant hot water. Gee, we wish this one were true. But in fact, a tankless water system still needs to convert cold water to hot. The only way you can do this instantly is via a circulation pump. So in truth, a tankless water system does not provide instant hot water in and of itself.

Myth 3: The whole thing is maintenance free. If you have soft water, that’s mostly true. But if your house runs on hard water, you’re going to need a plumber to come and flush the system on an annual / bi-annual basis. (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.)

Now you know that tankless water systems aren’t the money saving, maintenance free, instant hot water miracle workers they are advertised to be. But they’re pretty darn close.

Here’s why we love them.

Reason to Believe 1: You’ll love the luxury. Remember when you ran out of hot water if you weren’t the first person in the house to grab a shower? Those days are over with a tankless water system. You’ll have a seemingly endless supply of hot water, no matter what the rest of the house does. The performance is unprecedented in such a small package.

Reason to Believe 2: Space considerations galore. A tankless system has such a small footprint, you can practically put them anywhere. For us in Texas, that means we can even put it in the attic, freeing up all of that great real estate in your house.

Reason to Believe 3: The thing is going to last 20-25 years. Eurpoean and Japanese technology makes the tankless water heater one of the things in your home system with an expanded lifespan.

Well, did we convince you? If you’re ready to update or replace your current hot water tank, consider going tankless. You’ll save a little bit of money, a whole lot of space, and you’ll never run out of hot water. What’s not to love?


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